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Wow! Buy Any 3 Classic or Premium Straps for Just £30 Total!
Can Any Watch Use a NATO Strap?

Can Any Watch Use a NATO Strap?

How to Check NATO Strap Watch Compatibility

If you want to use a NATO strap on your watch, then make sure it satisfies the following conditions:

1. Removable Spring Bars

Spring bars are the standard connectors for the straps of most watches. To use a NATO strap, you need to be able to remove the bars and strap, and re-attach the spring bars on their own.

2. Straight Strap Connection

If your strap lines up straight against the face of the watch, then it's a good sign that a NATO strap will be compatible.

3. No Quick Release Bars (or replace them)

If you have quick release spring bars on your watch, then you will need to replace them with normal bars, as they're not compatible with a NATO strap.

Watch Types That Usually Always Work

If you have a classic metal watch strap/bracelet style strap, then these usually fit perfectly fine, as they have traditional straight spring bars. Think Rolex Submariner, Tag Heuer Carrera, etc.

Watch Types That Usually Don't Work

Any type of hard moulded or glued watch strap won't work, as they don't have spring bars for attachments.

If there are any protruding sections in your watch strap attachment, or any custom inserts in the attachment, then this won't leave a flat surface, and so won't be compatible with a NATO strap.

Also if you're using a smart watch with a heart beat sensor, a NATO strap covers the bottom of the watch, so this feature is likely not going to work with a NATO strap.

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