Suede Watch Strap Premium Hand-made

£24.99 £31.99 -22% OFF



Suede Watch Strap Premium Hand-made

£24.99 £31.99 -22% OFF

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Product description

If you have ever searched for a suede watch strap you will know they are not created equal. Thickness is the first consideration. As suede is naturally a much softer material than top-side leather, most suede straps are created using two pieces of suede bonded and glued together. This makes the strap immediately stiffer and less comfortable strap whilst also dominating the watch, particularly on a dress-style watch.

Our hand-made premium suede watch straps are crafted from premium Italian suede leather sourced directly from Tuscany, our straps are as soft as they are elegant, with a slimmer profile at just 2.8mm thick as well they offer immediate comfort and a stylish touch to your watch. For additional comfort and increased resilience, our suede straps are also lined on the inside with calfskin. 

For simple and hassle-free strap changes, our suede watch straps come with quick-release spring bars fitted.

Available in a variety of vibrant colors, they are perfect for enhancing your watch collection with a dash of flair.


  • Thickness: Uniformly 2.8mm, no padding
  • Total Length: 115mm+75mm= 190mm
  • Buckle: Included (please specify your preference)
  • Widths/Taper:
    • Lug widths 22mm tapers to 20mm at buckle
    • Lug widths 20mm tapers to 18mm at buckle
    • Lug widths 18mm tapers to 16mm at buckle

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