Wow! Buy Any 3 Classic or Premium Straps for Just £30 Total!
Wow! Buy Any 3 Classic or Premium Straps for Just £30 Total!
Omega NATO Straps

Omega NATO Straps

Omega NATO Straps

Watch straps are of different types. The important thing is finding the right kind of strap. Some popular watch strap types are - NATO, stainless steel, silicone rubber, ceramic, leather, and oyster bracelet. Each watch strap type is designed for different styles & purposes, and each has its own unique look and features.


When we talk about watch straps, NATO straps are gaining popularity. People wear NATO straps with their expensive watches like such as Rolex, Omega, etc.


NATO straps are one-piece watch straps that are light in weight, durable, quick-drying, and easy to use. In the year 1973, the British Ministry Defense designed this strap type. The strap comes with a second piece of nylon to ensure security. It is a practical, military-inspired watch strap that attaches separately to each of the watch’s lug bars to ensure extra security.


When buying a watch, you need to check the vast collection of different strap types, it is essential to select the right one. NATO straps get along well with most watch models of different designs and styles.


Apart from the style and design of NATO watch straps, there’s a separate reason why people prefer NATO straps over other strap types. That reason is James Bond. In the 1964 film Goldfinger, he was seen wearing a watch with a NATO strap. Since then, the popularity of this strap has increased like never before.

Reasons to buy NATO watch straps with Omega

Amazing value

One of the main reasons why you should consider NATO straps Omega watch is it offers terrific value. In terms of look, you will find this strap type with a stylish and cool look.

They are practical

To understand this point, we have to go to history. As we have seen, NATO straps were designed by the British Ministry of Defence in 1973. These watch straps are designed to last. The strap is made with durable, easy-care material. Another good thing about NATO straps is they are available in a massive range of colors and styles. Nowadays, NATO straps also come in leather, rubber, and Perlon.

A NATO band fits in anywhere

Another great thing about a NATO band is it fits in anywhere. This means it compliments well with almost all watch styles and designs. By wearing a NATO strap, you can go for diving, water sports, casual work environments, etc.

NATO Straps with Omega

So, before purchasing any watch, it is essential to make sure whether it will look good with the selected strap type. Omega’s popular collections for

At NATO Strap Store all of our straps will fit most Omega watches. We have a collection of 44 different straps to choose from and growing. Depending on your watch design & style, you can choose the right strap.


The Seamaster collection includes 14 different watch versions. It has Seamaster Diver 300M, Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M, Seamaster 300, Seamaster Railmaster, and Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M. These watches are available in different colors. Select the NATO strap that perfectly gets along with the watch color.

James Bond can be seen on screen in several of the latest 007 movies sporting an Omega Seamaster with a NATO Watch Strap


Speedmaster is another popular watch collection of Omega. This collection includes 13 different watches, including color variations. It includes Speedmaster Moonwatch, Speedmaster ‘57, and Speedmaster Racing.

De Ville

Omega De Ville includes four watches. It has just one model, i.e., De Ville Prestige. De Ville Prestige is available in four variations.


Omega Constellation includes five watches. Just like De Ville, it also has only one model. The model's name is Constellation Globemaster. This watch model is available in five different variations.


All of our watch straps will fit the Seamaster and Speedmaster models. Please check the lug width of watches from other collections to ensure a correct fit.  

Final Thoughts

Omega is one of the most popular watch brands in the market. If you want to buy NATO straps for your Omega watch, you have a wide collection available.


The reason why people prefer NATO straps is that they aren’t just practical; they are comfortable as well.