Rubber NOTO Watch Strap Crafted From Premium Ribbed FKM Rubber

£45.00 £68.00 -34% OFF


Rubber NOTO Watch Strap Crafted From Premium Ribbed FKM Rubber

£45.00 £68.00 -34% OFF

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Product description

Introducing the NOTO Rubber Strap: Dive Deeper with Distinction

Elevate your dive watch experience with the Rubber NOTO Strap, a modern reimagination of the iconic military watch strap. Crafted meticulously with a touch of innovation, this strap isn't just rubber—it's a statement.

Distinctive Features:

  • Quick-drying and soft flexing material for maximum comfort
  • Quick-change British military design for on-the-go adaptability.
  • Robust 316L stainless steel buckles, adorned with a refined sandblasted finish.
  • Crafted from high-grade FKM Rubber, ensuring peak performance.
  • Engineered to resist chemicals and salt, making it a diver's best friend.
  • 265mm Length and Available in 20mm Width (22mm will be coming soon)

A Closer Look at the Rubber: Exclusively tailored for Notostrapstore, our rubber is a testament to four decades of mastery in strap-making. Our manufacturing partners, industry stalwarts, ensure that the rubber used is resilient against extreme temperatures and chemicals. Designed for optimal convenience, the strap boasts a slightly shorter length of 265mm, ensuring swift fastening. The innovative hinged middle keeper provides enhanced grip, ensuring a snug fit and a premium feel. It's not just a strap—it's a commitment to excellence.

Moreover, the unique classic double Mil-strap design ensures added security, attaching separately to your watch's spring bars, offering both style and peace of mind. Dive in with confidence, and let your watch wear the best.

Limited Edition Release: Currently available in a 20mm width and a palette of nine vibrant colors. As we introduce this new collection, our stock is limited. We aim to gauge the most sought-after colors before our next order. Secure yours early to ensure you don't miss out on this exclusive offering. Dive confidently, ensuring your watch is adorned with the finest and most secure rubber NOTO Strap.

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